Digital and Axis Control Servo and Proportional Valves

This product family includes closed loop electro-hydraulic control servo and proportional valves for industrial machinery that can be used with either fieldbus or analog communication interfaces.

Product Line Models Serviced

  • D636 and D637 Series Servo Valves, ATEX (Flow Control Direct Drive Valves)
  • D638 and D639 Series Proportional Valves (Pressure and Flow (p/Q) Control, Direct Drive Valves
  • D670 (D671, D672, D673. D674, D675) Series Servo and Proportional Valves(Flow Control Pilot Operated
  • D941, D942, D943, D944 Series Proportional Valves (Pressure and Flow (p/Q) Control, Pilot Operated

All Models

D636 and D637 Series

D638 and D639 Series

D670 (D671, D672) Series

D941 Series