Electrical Feedback (EFB) Proportional Valves with Integrated Electronics and Flexible Options


This product family includes closed loop electro-hydraulic control servo and proportional valves with integrated electronics onboard (OBE) and electrical feedback using a spool position transducer.

  • Offer very high accuracy and repeatability in controlling flow and pressure.
  • Wide selection of models with Direct Drive and pilot-operated technologies and many sizes, fail-safe options, and certifications (e.g. ATEX, IECEx).

Product Line Models Serviced

  • D633 and D634 Series Servo Valves(Flow Control Direct Drive Valves)
  • D636 and D637 Series Servo Valves (Flow Control Direct Drive Valves)
  • D638 and D639 Series Proportional Valves (Pressure and Flow (p/Q) Control, Direct Drive Valves
  • D660 (D661,D662,D633, D634, D635) Series, Proportional Valves (Flow Control Pilot-Operated)
  • D670 (D671, D672, D673. D674, D675) Series Servo and Proportional Valves(Flow Control Pilot Operated
  • D791 and D792 Series Proportional Valves (Flow Control Pilot-Operated)
  • D680 (D681,D682, D683, D684, D685) Series Proportional Valves (Flow Control Pilot Operated)
  • D941 Series Proportional Valves (Pressure and Flow (p/Q) Control, Pilot Operated

D633, D634 D634P, D633K, D34K, D635K Series

D636 and D637 Series

D638 and D639 Series

D660 (D661,D662,D633, D634, D635) Series

D670 (D671, D672) Series

D791, D792 Series

D680 Series

D941 Series