Gas and Steam Turbines

In many ways, the most critical operations of your gas and steam turbines benefit from the performance of Moog actuators and valves – including conserving fuel, preventing pollution and providing the declared power output. For decades, Moog has been the preferred supplier of actuators and servo valves for the leading OEMs of turbine equipment. Now with thousands of motion control products in the field in plants around the world, Moog has the expertise and facilities to offer flexible repair and O&M services to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Moog has worked with the original equipment manufacturers of many turbines models to specify and manufacture the motion control systems (e.g. actuator assemblies) and components (e.g. servo valves). We incorporate this expertise, gained over the life of the product to help you ensure a long service life for the actuators and valves in your plant.

We also offer service options for Moog Whitton Gear Pumps, which are a UK heritage brand found on many Turbine applications for fuel and lube oil pumps. Learn More.



  • Fuel Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Steam Control
  • Splitter/Transfer
  • Inlet Guide Vane Positioning
  • Fuel and Lube Oil (Whitton Gear Pumps)

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