Gas Control Valve 64K Upgrade for GE 7FA Turbines

Ensuring maximum productivity from your GE 7FA Gas Turbine requires timely, comprehensive maintenance of its gas control equipment at critical service intervals. Typically maintenance is performed on actuators and process valves at the 48K service interval. Now, Moog’s long-life hardware upgrade can extend this maintenance to 64K hours. The benefits this offers for you include:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Saving service cost
  • Optimizing outage management resources
  • Eliminating short scheduling maintenance at 32 K intervals

Moog’s upgrade is the first solution that extends the life of Gas Control Valves to 64K which is the target maintenance scheduling of turbines equipped with Advance Gas Path (AGP) technology. This upgrade solution consists of a Moog extended life actuator and Emerson Extended life process valve that have been engineered to operate reliably for a long service life, up to the scheduled maintenance of 64 K hours. In some cases that’s double the suggested maintenance schedule. You can also take advantage of Advanced Exchange Services which eliminate outage schedule risk by delivering rebuilt gas control valves prior to your outage start date. Installation and removal can occur sequence, saving you time and money.