SMC, Moog Partner on Electric IBMs (Injection Blow Molding Machines)

poste on October, 2018

Read about an innovative motion control application with Moog and SMC Corp., one of Thailand’s largest makers of extrusion and injection blow molding (IBM) machines in a recent issue of Blow Molding Magazine. Moog helped SMC upgrade its machines from hydraulic to electric power and the customer realized energy savings, better accuracy and repeatability, shorter cycle times and easier maintenance.

As appeared in Plastics Machinery Magazine, October 2018

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Fluid Power Electronics Q&A

posted on May, 2018

Moog is featured in a Q&A article highlighting three professional opinions on the benefits of utilizing electronic controls in the fluid power Industry. Da​​​​ve Geiger is one of the experts discussing topics such as how electronics influence the industry, benefits of controls in systems and preparing for the future. 

As appeared in Fluid Power Journal, Volume 25, Issue 4, 2018.

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Putting Servo Valves Back to Work

Posted 12 Feb 2018

Industries as varied as paper production, steelmaking and power generation rely on servo valves for precise motion control. A servo valve can last well above 1 billion cycles. But achieving that longevity only happens when selecting the right manufacturing techniques, mechanical designs and maintenance approach. Learn how to prevent or fix servo valve problems.

By Chris Valiquette. As Appeared in Valve Magazine, 12 Feb 2018. 

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Global Service Becomes Part of Maintenance Plan

Posted December 2017

Flying a plane requires a special feel. Helping pilots learn this feel is the mission of the flight simulation industry. According to Aviation Safety magazine, perhaps the most significant factor in helping pilots fly safely is the high-quality simulator training airline pilots receive from their first flight and continuing regularly throughout their career. This article discusses how Moog works with customers to keep these full-flight simulators running with engineering know-how, logistics expertise and creative solutions for maintenance and repair. 

By Dave Stocking, Moog. As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine, Issue 4, 2107.

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Breathing New Life into Old Valves Boosts Productivity

Posted June 2017

Maintenance professionals pride themselves on preventing equipment from breaking down, or repairing it quickly. Replacing old equipment with new technology can be a good thing. But refurbishing a piece of equipment to like-new condition is often seen as equally good, sometimes even better. Moog recently launched the Return-To-Productivity Program to help maintenance managers in the Americas evaluate and refurbish their older, or even obsolete, valves.

By Katherine Kirsch and Christopher Valiquette, Moog. As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine, Issue 2, 2017

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Advanced Products and Game Changing Engineering are Trending for Fluid Power Pros

Posted April 2017

This cover story article discusses four trends in hydraulic motion control: 1) Intelligent digital and axis control servo and proportional valves, and pumps, are gaining traction with machine builders, 2) Interest in electro-hydraulic actuation (EHA) products is increasing 3). Additive manufacturing (AM) is a way engineers are innovating the fluid power industry and 4) Companies are providing services that allow customers to access hydraulic motion control expertise to help fill the experience gap.

By Dave Brodzinski, Moog. As appeared in Fluid Power Magazine, March/April, 2017

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Leveraging Planned Outages at Power Plants

Posted at January 2017

Gas Turbine Plants present demanding motion control challenges which affect machine performance, safety, reliability and supply of power to customers. This article discusses how Moog has developed the first long life upgrade offering that could operate reliably for 64,000 hours even in harsh conditions found in turbines. Also featured is a case study of using exchange programs to prevent extending outages or unplanned downtime.

By Steve Beddick, Moog. As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine, Issue 1, 2017

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Paper Mills Planned Maintenance Approach Pays Off

Posted at November 2016

For paper mills, the quality of the product is dependent on the performance of the motion control. This article discusses how two paper mills that upgraded to the latest intelligent digital control valves and instituted regular planned maintenance to prevent downtime and improve performance.

By Christophe Cuneo, MCS Servo and Joe Dyer, Moog. As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine, Issue 4, 2016.

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The Inspection Service Gets Wheels

Posted at May 2016

The area of Tangshan,China has a shortage of skilled maintenance professionals for steel mills. Moog introduced an innovative mobile inspection service with its distributors to help meet this demand. Moog restores servo valves to the original performance level quickly using authentic parts. In addition, the end-user trainings help to prevent future downtime.

By Benson Bai, Moog Inc. As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine, Issue 2, 2016.

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Unique Approach to Turbine Maintenance

Posted at 03/09/2016

When power plant managers at Virginia Dominion Power "realized their scheduled window for a steam valve outage was challenging, engineers came up with a new tactic for servicing a dozen actuators and steam valves in less than 12 days."

By Steve Beddick, Moog Inc. As appeared in Fluid Power Journal, March/April 2016.

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Actuator Maintenance is Linchpin for Producing Power

Posted March, 2016

Turbines at power plants are demanding applications for actuators and servo valves because motion control is the key to machine performance and safety. This article in MaintWorld Magazine discusses a practical approach to maintenance for these products for a plant that provides supplemental power. The unpredictable and intermittent operating modes made it difficult to predict and budget for major maintenance outages so Moog and Hydra-Power Systems, Inc. used a site inspection to identify issues before they became serious.

Jonathan Roberts As appeared in MaintWorld magazine, Issue 1, 2016

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Moog's Oldest Operating Servo Valve Contest Ends Soon

Posted February 2016

Where is the oldest operating Moog Servo Valve of the world? Do you have it on your machine? This is your opportunity to discover the answer. In September, the Industrial Group of Moog Inc. launched a contest to find the oldest operating Moog servo valve. The company has also sponsored monthly drawings to give people with newer valves a chance to participate. The grand prize is an Amazon Voucher for US$500 (awarded in the equivalent amount in your local currency and redeemed via your local Amazon site) and the contest will end on February 29, 2016. With less than a month to go it is important that any interested participants register soon at

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Moog - A New Home for the Future: Moog unveiled its new engineering facility in Tewkesbury and Federico Ercoli went to see it

Posted January 2016

An article and video describing Moog's new engineering, production and service facility in the United Kingdom. Over 100 people are located in a new building with 2215 sqm of manufacturing space and an additional 1,863 sqm of office space. It discusses this new facility and additional capabilities it offers for customers.

Jonathan Roberts As appeared in MaintWorld magazine, Issue 1, 2016

By Collum Bentley. As appeared in The Manufacturer magazine on 1 Jan 2016

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Retrofitting a Rotary Press to Better Productivity

Posted at November 2015

While retrofitting is not always the first inclination for plant managers struggling to maintain older equipment, it is a strategy companies can consider. Aptar is an example of where a company improved its quality and uptime by partnering with a motion control company to retrofit an underperforming rubber making machine.

Xavier Sebastiani As appeared in MaintWorld magazine, Issue 4, 2015

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What will Internet of Things (IoT) mean for you and your business?

Posted at September 2015

Moog Service Professionals will be able to quickly diagnose faults on machines using remote access technology and guide your maintenance teams to service Moog products efficiently over the internet. This will increase the incidence of first-time-fixes, save expensive travel costs and reduce downtime for your machinery. This was one of the topics discussed during the Moog Innovation Meeting held with customers and partners to celebrate Moog's 40th Anniversary in Italy. This is part of a year-long celebration commemorating Moog's 50 years in Europe. 

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Analyzing the Root Cause of Failures

Posted April 2015

This article discusses how "indicators like contaminated oil or broken actuator shafts can hide the root cause of failure. Failure Analysis carried out correctly uncovers what is not working along with strategy for improving a system's design and reliability."

By R. Scott Scheffler, Moog Inc. As appeared in Maintworld Magazine, Issue 2, 2015.

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Ten Tips to Tune Your Servo Hydraulic Machine for Profit-Making

Posted at January 2015

This article discusses how "performing pre-emptive, scheduled maintenance is the key to not only extending the life of your equipment but also protecting profits. Ignoring something because it is already running, or cutting corners for the sake of expediency takes uptime out of your control and puts it into the hands of luck."

By Steve Beddick, Moog Industrial Group As appeared in MaintWorld Magazine in Issue 1, 2015

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Keeping the Lights on

Posted at October 2014

This case study discusses motion control used in gas and steam turbines and how a power plants in the USA uses repair, exchange programs, retrofits and preventative maintenance services during planned outages to keep turbines running efficiently. Features Entegra Power Group's Union Power Station in the USA and Moog distributor AirDraulics.

By Steve Beddick and Brian Sims, Moog Industrial Group As appeared in Power Engineering on 21 October 2014

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Custom Repair Program for Servo Valves Keeps Test Rigs Running

Posted March, 2014

This case study discusses how independent automotive component test lab, Enova Defiance in Detroit, Michigan worked with Moog to develop an innovative repair program to maximize performance of servo valves on its test rigs. A test house needs high performance servo valves to cycle a specimen to a point of fatigue in the shortest time and Exova, Defiance had over 600 Moog products in-house. "The customized repair program keeps our test rigs running smoothly, improves the quality of our servo valves, and comes at a price we can afford, remarked Jeff Taylor, supervisor of the Exova Defiance Technical Services Group Taylor.

By Steve Beddick, Moog Industrial Group As appeared in the Fluid Power Journal on 25 April 2014

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