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On Demand Webinar - Why Are Servo Valves Important for Machine Productivity?

Four speakers share insights on Servo Valve operation and maintenance including a detailed case study on how Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Inc. (WMTR) works with Moog to maintain servo and proportional valves to reduce repair and replacement expenditures, and boost machine productivity for more than 250 servohydraulic test frames.

  • Learn why the servo valve is critical for machine productivity
  • Learn maintenance practices to improve your servo valve reliability
  • Learn from case studies about maintaining machinery for peak performance

Produced by Business Review Webinar in 2017

On-Demand Webinar - Analyzing the Root Cause of Motion Control Problems Improves Machine Uptime

In 49 minutes, you will learn about root cause analysis and how this may help you improve your business. This on-demand recording of a live webinar includes a panel of experts who shared some case studies where Moog worked with its customers to gather and examine product failure data to improve motion control systems in complex machinery. Like a detective, engineers at Moog used failure analysis to uncover what was not working but more importantly used the data to provide a strategy for improving a system’s design and reliability.


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